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Logie.ai is the place where content creators and brands meet to create powerful, shoppable content that drives sales.

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Overcome the biggest shortcomings in the industry and employ the best influencer toolkit to create exceptional content in record time.

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Ditch the time-wasting, frustrating, back-and-forth deliberations and focus on what you do best so you maximize your earnings potential.

ButterTree Customized Love Blanket - Logie Brand Spotlight
ButterTree Customized Blanket
Plugable Multi-port Adapter
Plugable Multiport Adapter
Thermalabs Beach Tent
Benevolence Mexican Blanket
Shashibo Shape Shifting Box
Shashibo Shape Shifting Box
Benevolence Jewelry Box Organizer
Benevolence Jewelry Box Organizer
Lifepro Cryotherapy Machine
Thermalabs Beach Tent
Plugable Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard Compatible with iPad, iPhones, Android, and Windows, Full-Size Multi-Device Keyboard, Wireless and Portable with Included Stand for iPad/iPhone (11.5 inches)
Plugable Foldable BT Keyboard
Benevolence Scented Candle
Benevolence Scented Candle
LifePro Adjustable Dumbbell
Thermalabs Tanning Applicator
Plugable Laptop Docking Station
Plugable Docking Station
Thermalabs Self Tanner
LifePro Muscle Pain Therapy
LifePro Muscle Pain Therapy
LifePro Exercise Machine
LifePro Exercise Machine
LifePro Push Up Trainer