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YouTube’s ‘Eraser Tool’ removes copyrighted music while preserving other audio.

YouTube continuously innovates to support creators in managing their content effectively. A critical aspect of content management on YouTube is handling copyright claims, especially music-related ones. 

The platform offers various editing tools in YouTube Studio to help creators resolve these claims and monetize their videos.

Understanding Copyright Claims and Resolution Tools

When a YouTube video receives a copyright claim for music, creators can access several editing tools to address the claimed parts. 

These tools include options to trim, mute, and replace the song. Addressing the claim appropriately allows the video to be monetized again.

Introducing the Improved ‘Erase Song’ Feature

Previously, in beta, the ‘Erase Song‘ tool was designed to help creators remove copyrighted music from their videos without affecting other audio elements like dialogue or background sounds. Despite its potential, the tool’s initial performance lacked accuracy. 

Recognizing this, YouTube has revamped ‘Erase Song’ with a new AI-powered algorithm that enhances its ability to identify and eliminate copyrighted content accurately.

How the New ‘Erase Song’ Works

The improved tool now presents two options when accessed: ‘Erase Song’ and ‘Mute All Sound’. Choosing ‘Erase Song’ attempts to remove only the copyrighted audio segments, maintaining other sounds intact. 

On the other hand, ‘Mute All Sound’ removes all audio within specified timestamps, offering a broader approach for videos where the copyrighted segment is extensive or intertwined with essential audio.

Accessibility and Availability

The updated ‘Erase Song’ feature will soon be available on YouTube Studio Desktop and YouTube Studio Mobile. This accessibility ensures that all creators can utilize the new tool regardless of their preferred device.

Additional Options and Creator Support

If the ‘Erase Song’ option does not fully resolve a copyright claim, YouTube encourages creators to explore other post-claim editing tools available in Studio, such as ‘Trim’ or ‘Mute’. Each tool provides different solutions depending on the video’s specific needs and the nature of the claim.

By integrating advanced AI technology, YouTube supports creators in protecting their content and maintaining their ability to earn revenue from their creative efforts. 

As this tool rolls out, creators are encouraged to provide feedback to refine the functionality and effectiveness of YouTube’s copyright management tools further.

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