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Adding Deals to Logie: Quick and Easy Guide

Our deals feature makes it easy for brands to add deals to Logie discounts and share them with Logie creators.

Time Required: Just 1 minute per deal
Reach: Thousands of influencers
Cost: Zero additional expense
Benefit: Skyrocket your promotion sales

How to Add Deals in 60 Seconds: 

Step 1: Click Create> Add Promotion


Navigate to Manage>Promotions>Deals, then click the ‘Add Deal’ button.

Step 2: Fill in the simple form

  1. Choose deal type (e.g., Prime Exclusive Discount, Lightning Deal)
  2. Add a catchy title (aimed at influencers, not shoppers)
  3. Optional: Include a brief description
  4. Select your ASINs from the dropdown (or paste for multiple)
  5. Enter the discount amount or percentage
  6. Set start and end dates

Click ‘Add Deal‘ – You’re done!

It’s that simple! No complex setup, no hidden steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to offer an extra discount to Logie creaotors?
A: No! Just add the deals you’ve already set up on Amazon. Creators will promote these existing deals.

Q: Does updating a deal change the commission for Logie creators?
A: Not at all. The deal information is purely for promotion. Commissions remain as set in your MANAGE > PRODUCTS page.

Q: What types of deals can I add?
A: Any type! Lightning Deals, Prime Exclusive Discounts, clipping coupons, or any special offer you’re running.

Q: How are commissions calculated?
A: Commissions are based on the final sale price on Amazon, including any discounts. For example:

Regular price: $100
Prime Day price: $70 (30% off)
Your set commission: 20%
Creator earns: $14 (20% of $70)

Remember, Logie is the only platform that adjusts commissions for the FINAL product cost on Amazon as well as returns(!), ensuring you only pay for actual sales and credited for any returns that took place.

Ready to Boost Your promotion Sales?
Don’t wait – add your deals now and let thousands of influencers amplify your online presence. It’s quick, easy, and incredibly powerful for your brand’s success!

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