We are overwhelmed by the thousands of brands and creators who wish to join Logie but we’ve reached capacity and can’t accept any more users at this time.
However, we’d love to have you on our waiting list!

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Thank you for your interest in Logie’s technology.

Logie is slowly accepting new brands and creators based on category velocities determined by our algorithms. We do this to make sure we keep over-performing and providing the most value for our users.

We try to keep our pricing model disruptive too 🙂


Our creators currently have full access to all of Logie’s tools at NO CHARGE.

If you are a content creator and would like to request access, please APPLY here.


Our brands currently have full access to all of Logie’s brand tools at NO CHARGE.

Unlike any other service that connects brands with creators, Logie brands are ONLY charged for active campaigns that generate results (sales and engagement) and are never charged ‘per post’ or ‘per video’ generated. We never charge a retainer or monthly subscription fees and we get paid when brands are getting results.

We are a new breed in the industry, and we are aware of that.

But this is also why we have been overwhelmed by creators and brands who wish to join our platform. So if you are a brand not represented by an aggregator or one of the selected agencies we work with, you can JOIN THE WAITING LIST here.

Thank you!

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