We are overwhelmed by the thousands of brands and creators who wish to join Logie but we’ve reached capacity and can’t accept any more users at this time.
However, we’d love to have you on our waiting list!

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Thank you for your interest in Logie.

Logie is providing a disruptive approach to marketing with content creators.

We are overwhelmed by the influx of new brands and content creators who wish to utilize Logie’s technology to grow their brands.

In order to provide an outstanding experience for our users, we are now only accepting a limited number of new creators and brands every day.

We do this to keep the velocity aligned across different categories. In other words, we will not accept new brands in a specific category if we don’t have enough creators to support this category and create a lot of converting content for it. We will not accept new creators in a category where we don’t have enough brands to promote so we don’t encourage cannibalism among our existing creators.

This is why we measure and analyze our campaigns data on a daily basis to decide who we let in.

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