We are overwhelmed by the thousands of brands and creators who wish to join Logie but we’ve reached capacity and can’t accept any more users at this time. However, we’d love to have you on our waiting list!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some quick FAQs to bring you up to speed on what you can expect from Logie…

Getting Started

Sorry to hear that your invitation code is not working. Please share it with us along with your social media handles (particularly your Amazon storefront URL – if you have one) and we’ll help sort out the issue right away.

The tracking id you put in your settings > go shopping should be your offsite regular tracking ID. Not your influencers/onsite ID. You shouldn’t be using your influencer tracking id anywhere. It is ONLY used within amazon for onsite commissions. That is also why most influencers will see it start with onamz meaning ‘On Amazon‘ rather then the regular Off Amazon traffic. Using your on amazon tracking off amazon might cause confusion for the algorithm and you might end up getting paid much less or not at all for traffic you sent. So, again, make sure that you only enter your offsite tracking ID as your go.shopping settings.

It usually takes 24hrs for Logie to catch up after Amazon. Try again 24 hours later or when you confirm Logie synced with your associates account (by looking at your dashboard and seeing data from yesterday). Hopefully this should work. If not we can manually send you a secure form directly from our bank to add your information securely.

Simply install it from here:


Once installed, login to Amazon Associates and click the extension icon to open the extension popup.
You will see in the lower right corner a little green ‘lightning‘ icon.

  • If it’s not green, it’ll tell you what to do 🙂
  • If it’s green, give it a few hours to connect everything for you.

See more…

You’re welcome to start by watching the training videos on our Official Facebook Group (see the pinned videos or go to Media> Albums). We are also progressively updating our Help Center with the latest training guides and documentation. Soon, you should be able to rely on just the Help Center for most of the support you need.

Sample Products

Only products that are Logie sponsored (and listed on the Logie Opportunities tab) are available this way.

Some codes expire fast and some last for longer durations. Here’s why! Sometimes, brands send very short period codes to protect their inventory. So make sure to test the codes whenever you are ready to buy and keep in mind that some might expire if you wait longer.

Note: one thing to keep in mind though is that if you got ONE CODE for a specific brand, you can order multiple products of that brand in one order. But you’ll not be able to request a future code for the brand as it’s what’s called “Single Use Exclusive Code“. This means one user can use the campaign once (even if they have multiple codes, they still can only use it once!) so if you have multiple products from the same brand that you want, make sure you add them into one order and then apply the code.

We are working on being able to automatically mark products that we ship to you as ‘On Hand’. This will allow us to know who has the product and can participate in special Logie hauls and livestream events that we plan to launch. At the time being, the ‘On Hand’ feature is especially useful for livestreamers who can easily curate live shows with products they have on hand to follow Amazon Live guidelines, etc.

Content & Promoting

New brands are always joining and existing brands tend to launch new products every now and then. Opportunities are updated every few days and we are continuously updating our Products page. We also make a point to show the latest (NEW) opportunities in a red badge for a few seconds so you’ll know that these are new.

Note: If you are matched with a product by our AI, you’ll get notified via email either way so you don’t have to worry about it.

The ‘Add to Logie’ button is available whenever you go to Amazon product pages (and as long as you have the Logie extension downloaded and activated). This ensures that you can easily add any single Amazon product you are interested in your Logie account and seamlessly create content for it, generate graphics, promote it, mark it as on hand if you bought it (among so much more). This is our way to simplify your work as an influencer as opposed to manually copy-pasting all the product information whenever you need to promote something via Logie.  

You only need to create your Logie videos as you would any other shoppable video. Logie will pull the data and track sales and commissions for you. When sharing your Logie videos on social sites, make sure to link that back to your go.shopping store so that it becomes an offsite sale with increased commission.

Both from Amazon (2-5%) AND from Logie (10-50%). This is why it’s rewarding to choose to push Logie opportunities that pay 20x what amazon pays you (on top of what amazon pays you 🙂)

Given that you have already connected your Amazon account to Logie, you literally need to do… nothing! As long as the product is sold on amazon with your tracking id and the opportunity is still on Logie you’ll get paid.

Not necessarily. We still recommend you add your products to your Logie storefront but really the only requirements to earn a commission is that the Logie opportunity product will appear in your amazon associates sales.

Normally, there are so many products in opportunities particularly those that you haven’t already selected. You can move your selected opportunities to your products tab by simply 1) favoriting it, 2) adding to collection, or 3) clicking on ‘Promote’ and creating a post for it.

Note: we are currently working on a little store icon in product opportunities that when clicked will automatically add the item to your products as well as show it in your go.shopping storefront.

Usually, you get the discounted ‘in hand’/sample product so you can make shoppable videos for your Amazon storefront. You may then repurpose this video content to all platforms using offsite links. It is important to note though that you can still promote Logie products even if you do not have products ‘in hand’. Simply create Facebook posts, blog posts, IG, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, and now Threads content on the Logie product.

Reporting & Earnings

Earnings are your Amazon earnings. Commissions are your Logie opportunity commissions.

If your sales data for Logie products is not updating on our platform, here’s how you can resolve the issue:

  1. Update your extension – from your Chrome browser, open this link and click on the ‘Remove from Chrome’ button on the top right. Reload the page and install the Logie extension again so that you have the latest version.
  2. Open a new tab and then login to Amazon Associates. While logged in, click on the Logie extension top open it. This should force your data to sync. Keep in mind though that this may take a few hours so keep your computer on and be patient.

The most likely culprit is that the Logie extension has gone to sleep mode, which often happens if you do not login to Amazon Associates regularly. You need to ‘wake it up’ by opening your Amazon associates account and clicking on the Logie extension icon. This is similar to how the iPhone removes apps that you don’t use regularly and then you have to reinstall them again.

If that still didn’t do it, uninstalling the current extension and reinstalling it usually solves the problem.

Note: once you have reactivated your Logie extension, leave your computer open so you can give it time to sync all the data.

Currently, our payouts schedule is identical to Amazon’s schedule – net 60. However, we are working on making it net 30 in the near future so that you get paid faster and more frequently.

Compliance & Privacy

Other users will be able to see your publicly available social media handles. However, Logie does not share any personal information such as your address, phone number, etc. Please see our privacy policy and user agreement at www.logie.ai/legal for more.  

A few of our users have indeed brought this concerned to our attention and we’ve been happy to set the record straight. The issue cited happened because of a non-logie-affiliated Chinese agency and had nothing (literally nothing) to do with Logie. Logie is 100% compliant with Amazon TOS. And Logie users didn’t get affected by the event except for a few who were also working with the specific Chinese agency. This was very frustrating because Logie suffered from some people sharing false information about that event.

Logie is 100% compliant with Amazon terms of service, Logie is an official Amazon VERIFIED partner and you can read more about Amazon and extension usage in our legal area – you can’t miss it.


You only have to disclose items that are given to you for free. If you pay then it’s not a “sponsored” video. They simply gave you a coupon code to get a discount so that you would be more likely to make the purchase. This would be no different than your “on sale” purchases or coupon purchases or $$$ taken off at checkout.

Followers & Other Tips

A while back, Amazon influencers wanted to do livestreams (on Amazon) because Amazon would actually show these streams to shoppers. During these ‘good old times’, you would easily climb a ladder of tiers as you streamed and gained followers. You eventually achieved the highest rank (Amazon Live A-list) when you reached 2000 followers. However, many (unethical) foreigners started abusing the platform so Amazon stopped showing livestreams on product pages.

Logie saw it fit to develop a feature (via the Logie extension) that allows influencers to figure out exactly who’s following them, follow each other, etc. This is a great way to support each other as opposed to running those horribly long ‘follow me and I’ll follow back’ Facebook threads.