Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for being a Logie creator. This guide will give you more information about the different tools and functions provided by Logie.
If you experience an issue, please use the SUPPORT option to open a ticket and describe the situation to help us fix it.

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A view that shows users how they are performing throughout the year, over 4 months, monthly, daily, and even customizing specific times. Both traction, revenue, and commissions, and they also have the opportunity to get offers from brands to promote products.

New Product Opportunities

In this section of the dashboard, you are able to see the latest product opportunities that are recommended to you.

Top Ranking Livestreams

We are constantly checking and analyzing every single live stream on Amazon Live. To make it easier for you to see the highly ranked livestreams, simply choose a Date Range (located at the top right of your dashboard), and Logie will show you the highest ranked livestreams on Amazon Live during this period.

Clicking on View All will take you to your Network page to see other content created by other Logie creators.

Associate Summary

Previously, Logie required creators to grant reports permission from their Amazon Associates account. However, we are no longer doing this just to ensure that Amazon does not affect our creators’ account due to algorithm bugs. We are working on a new way to provide earnings report and will update this section appropriately once it’s complete. 

Amazon Live Summary

If you’re an Amazon Influencer and you do livestreaming, be sure to take a screenshot of your show’s stats after each show and head to Logie from your iPhone to upload the stats and keep your data fully updated.

We recommend doing this once after the show is over, and then doing a batch once a week for all of last week’s shows (as the earnings will populate by then).

Uploading stats is super easy:

In your Amazon Creator App click on a show. It’ll open the stats. Scroll down so you see as much data as possible without cutting out the show’s name (which our algorithm needs to match the show with the published show on Amazon).

Take a screenshot and open Logie on your mobile.

Click the ‘+’ icon and choose UPLOAD NEW STATS.

Now you can click the upload button and select all the screenshots you took.

When you upload it to Logie, we will scan them for you, and our automatic AI vision will analyze the data and store it correctly in your Logie account.

Now you can track the success and sales of your livestreams from within Logie and never miss a thing!

Best Performing

In this section, you can see your best-performing shows and products.

Best performing simply refers to the shows or products that either got the most views or sold the most units, during the date range you selected.

Switch between the Shows and Products easily by clicking the tab-switch.

When clicking VIEW ALL, you will be transferred to a table view of your best-performing shows or products, depending on which tab-switch you’re on.

Highest Earning

In this section, you can see your highest-earning shows and products.

Highest-earning simply refers to the shows or products that generated the highest income, during the date range you selected.

Switch between the Shows and Products easily by clicking the tab-switch.

When clicking VIEW ALL, you will be transferred to a table view of your highest-earning shows or products, depending on which tab-switch you’re on.

F  A  Q 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Logie ?

    Logie is the world’s first eCommerce predictive marketing platform. We use artificial intelligence to automatically deliver the most effective content, to the right people, at the right time. 

  • Who needs our services ?

    We work with the world’s biggest brands and creators to help them drive sales and awareness for their products. Our technology allows brands to automate their content campaigns with advanced tools. 

  • How about data confidentiality ?

    The confidentiality of your data is the priority of our services. You will be protected with a confidentiality agreement as our main commitment. At the initial stage, you may fill in your personal identity, along with transaction data only that is associated with Amazon Associate.

  • What are the benefits I can get by joining Logie ?

    Creators can connect with others and can also increase the larger commissions received from product promotions that have been carried out and have the opportunity to get opportunities from brands which will be connected by Logie’s AI.

  • Are there any requirements to join Logie? ?

    Of course not, any Creator or Brands who wants to joining Logie is by invitation only.

  • What if I need help using Logie ?

    Help users resolve issues related to their performance, they will receive a response within 24 hours on business days.

How do i get paid

Users don’t need to worry about payments, the calculations made by Logie are transparent and clear, all you need to do is enter your financial data and address details and when the payment period will immediately massu