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Amazon reveals new label to mark popular products

Amazon is adding a new label to mark popular products’ approximate sales for each product on its website and app public.

The company is testing a new label that will highlight how many of each item have been sold recently (e.g. ‘100K+ bought in past month‘). Instead of providing a precise tally of units sold, the sales number will be an estimate rounded up into hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands. The maximum sales tally that will appear is capped at 100K, and the time range will vary from a week or a month. While the new changes are not available to everyone, some users can already see the new label on Amazon product pages.

Help Popular Products Stand Out

The new metric is a welcome update that will help popular products stand out on the platform. So far, shoppers have only been able to see the sales rank, a popularity rank that loosely indicates the volume of recent sales in relation to other products. But because sales rank has been one among many other details on a product page, many shoppers seem to be unaware of it. Simply seeing how many units of a certain product have been purchased by other shoppers in the recent past makes it easier to gauge popularity, especially when buying from a little-known or unrecognizable brand.

Product Research Made Easier

Many creators and third-party sellers often employ product research tools that estimate sales volume based on the sales rank. However, with the new metric, estimating sales volume would be much easier. It certainly wouldn’t replace the product research tools currently in use, but would certainly help improve accuracy. It’s important to note though that the label is primarily designed for shoppers and is not (currently) yet available to sellers via Seller Central or APIs. 

Did you already see this label on Amazon? Let us know what you think about this new feature and how it’s going to make a difference in the marketplace (for both vendors and shoppers).

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