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Best practices to excel on LinkedIn

As a content creator, maximizing reach and exploring different platforms is the way to go. LinkedIn has been recording worthwhile engagement from the massive number of users on the platform and if you haven’t yet, it may be time to consider. Here are some tips to get you going:

Understanding the LinkedIn Algorithm

LinkedIn’s algorithm is designed to ensure users see the most relevant content first. It primarily focuses on relevance, personal connections, and engagement. Essentially, the more engagement your content attracts, the higher the probability that LinkedIn’s algorithm will distribute it further.

Audience Engagement

Engagement in the form of likes, comments, shares, and direct messages increases the visibility of your posts. According to Linked In top voice Richard Bliss statistics, liking a post leads to a 30% increase in visibility, commenting leads to a 70% increase, sharing leads to an 80% increase, and direct messaging increases it by 85%.

Getting new connections also plays a significant role. When someone becomes a new connection, they see all your new content for the next two weeks, thus boosting your reach.

LinkedIn has two main engagement phases that influence the growth of your content’s reach. After posting, the first 90 minutes of engagement play a crucial role in quick growth for the next eight hours. The engagement received between 90 minutes to 8 hours after posting contributes to constant growth over the subsequent days.


The type of content you post significantly influences its reach. For instance, single image posts makeup 21% of users’ feeds, promoted posts 20%, document posts (slide decks) 16%, and text-only posts 10%. Based on the platform’s algorithm, the following strategies may maximize your content performance

1. Strategic Mentions and Use of Emojis. In every post, limit account mentions to less than 15, reduce tagging, and limit emojis to less than four per line and a maximum of 10 per post to prevent your content from coming across as cluttered or unprofessional. Don’t mention more than 15 accounts per post. Over-tagging can lead to decreased reach. 

2. Optimize Post Length. Keep your posts between 1200 and 1800 characters. This length is long enough to convey detailed information but short enough to maintain the reader’s attention.

3. Timely Interaction. Respond to comments within 12 hours. Prompt interaction shows you value your audience’s input, which will increase their engagement. Also, aim to generate as much engagement as possible within the first 90 minutes of your post going live.

4. Be Mindful of Post Edits. Avoid changing your post during the first 10 minutes after publication. Any modifications may disrupt the algorithm’s initial assessment of your post.

5. Utilize Hashtags and Modes. Use a maximum of three hashtags per post to maintain focus and relevance. If you haven’t yet, consider turning on the ‘Creator Mode’ to enhance your profile’s visibility and engagement.

6. Consistency in Posting. Avoid posting several low-engagement posts in a row, as it may cause LinkedIn to reduce the reach of your subsequent posts. Aim for consistently high-quality posts instead.

Succeeding on LinkedIn requires strategic planning, thoughtful content creation, and an understanding of the platform’s algorithm. By adhering to these practices, you will effectively expand your reach, engage with your audience, and make the most out of your LinkedIn experience. Read more on how to maximize your engagement from a LinkedIn expert here

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