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What are the BIGGEST challenges creators face coming up?

Users spent more than 550 billion hours watching live-streamed content in 2021 alone. Demand for live streams and other highly personified content-types is going up as shoppers look for help to make better shopping decisions. Similarly, social media platforms are encouraging live content to drive engagement. Creators who are able to nail this emerging trend benefit from a wider reach and more impact compared to those who focus on traditional types of content.

Getting on top of the live streaming trend and becoming a successful creator is never a walk in the park. You have to have an effective strategy to attract your desired audience and proactively overcome challenges that come up along the way. Things can be particularly harder for creators who are just getting started.

In this article, we interviewed a few top LOGIE creators to learn more about what challenges they faced when coming up as creators.

Where to start

According to Tracy, knowing where to start can be a sticking challenge especially if you’re just getting started. There’s a lot to figure out, starting with your audience and the specific scope of your live streaming. Tracy adds that doing proper research and connecting with others is the best way to overcome this challenge. She advises beginner creators and influencers to connect and support each other so everyone can grow.

Tracy Nichols 

What was/were the biggest challenge(s) you faced when coming up?

I had a hard time actually understanding and fulfilling the step-by-step process of becoming an influencer, where to start, and what to do. No idea. Secondly, it took ages to talk to brands and actually get them to work with me, create a script, think of a good title for a show, create a thumbnail, and so on.

How did you overcome this/these challenge(s)

I did my research and read a lot of articles and blog posts. I connected with other influencers. With the second part I’m still struggling lol

Please share your best tip for influencers who are currently struggling

My best tip is to connect and support each other.

Nailing the ‘best practices’

A-List creator and influencer Candi Perry thinks that not knowing what the best practices are can be particularly problematic. She adds that there’s no sweet spot when it comes to this issue so the best solution is to keep learning. Candi advises upcoming creators to focus on fulfilling their own goals and dreams.

Candi Perry  

What was/were the biggest challenge(s) you faced when coming up?

Not understanding and not having clarity on the “Best Practices”.

How did you overcome this/these challenge(s)

I still haven’t overcome them.

Please share your best tip for influencers who are currently struggling

Do your best and keep focused on the fulfillment of your own dreams and goals.

Holding Back

Serial creator Jim Mullen thinks that holding back can be one of the biggest challenges. He remembers feeling a bit reluctant to be in front of people especially when he didn’t know everything. But Jim adds that just starting before you are ready can help a lot. He advises upcoming creators to appreciate that mistakes happen and are a real part of the learning process. Jim thinks that even if everything isn’t perfect when you’re getting started, at least people will love you for being real – being your authentic self.

Jim Mullen  

What was/were the biggest challenge(s) you faced when coming up?

Fear Of Being Live In Front Of people not knowing everything

How did you overcome this/these challenge(s)

I jumped off the cliff…. someone said “start before you’re ready” so I did

Please share your best tip for influencers who are currently struggling

Mistakes happen, it makes it real. People love when you’re real. You Be You


Lucia Grillo of Lucia’s Vegan Lifestyle says that transitioning from a different background was one of her most glaring challenges. She had a lot time pushing back the perfection expected in film & TV and trying to adopt a more ‘casual’ approach. Lucia also needed to do a lot of research work on brands and products, as well as figure out the financial aspect of her new business as a creator. She emphasizes the value of continuous learning and taking action, and advices upcoming creators to take a leap and ‘just do it’.

Lucia Grillo  

What was/were the biggest challenge(s) you faced when coming up?

Coming from film & TV, being more “casual” about posting things and realizing they didn’t have to be award-winning films. Also, since my platform is an ethical vegan one, researching brands and products is paramount. Additionally, I needed the financial aspect, i.e. rates and commissions: what influencers make and how my unique niche could be brought into the mix (vegan brands have very little financing in place for marketing, and that is just slowly starting to change).

How did you overcome this/these challenge(s)

The “just do it” attitude, studying a lot, and learning – from my generous influencer colleagues, as well as from brands by working with them.

Please share your best tip for influencers who are currently struggling

You are not stuck here. If you love it, enjoy it and do not be afraid – of anything! If it’s making you unhappy, there is a plethora of careers that can fulfill you.


In addition to these key challenges, other top creators have reported challenges identifying the right platforms to publish their content. Driving engagement appears to be another common issue.  Learning from others and engaging your followers in Q & As can help solve some of these problems. All said and done, joining fellow creators on social media and contributing actively appears to be the best way to learn and grow. Upcoming creators can benefit a lot from this.

Did you have a different type of challenge in the early stages of your influencer journey? Let us know what it was and how you were able to overcome it.

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