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Direct Links on Pinterest: Revolutionizing Holiday Campaigns

As the festive season approaches, businesses constantly seek efficient ways to drive traffic and conversions. Pinterest has introduced a game-changing feature for advertisers: direct links. 

This new addition to Pinterest’s advertising arsenal promises to streamline the customer journey from Pinterest ads to the advertiser’s site or store, enhancing the effectiveness of festive campaigns.

Simplifying the Path to Conversion

Traditionally, Pinterest ads required two clicks for users to navigate from the platform to an advertiser’s website. However, direct links reduce this process to a single click, leading directly to the advertiser’s site. 

This streamlined approach is designed to support lower-funnel goals more effectively and at lower costs. It’s a significant shift that aligns with the top reason people use Pinterest: to find information about products and brands.

Enhanced Campaign Performance

The introduction of direct links has already shown impressive results. Brands using direct links for consideration campaigns have witnessed an average increase of 96% in clicks to the site, coupled with a 38% decrease in cost per outbound click. 

“Direct links help you convert more of the people shopping on Pinterest into active customers on your site or store.” – Jet Cessant, Pinterest.

Similarly, conversion campaigns have seen a 68% increase in clicks to the site and a 26% increase in click-based conversions. These figures underscore the effectiveness of direct links in boosting campaign performance.

Direct links are part of Pinterest’s expanding suite of performance solutions. They have been automatically enabled for consideration campaigns, while for conversion and shopping campaigns, advertisers need to activate the feature in Ads Manager. 

This development marks a new era for Pinterest advertising, offering businesses a more direct and efficient way to connect with their audience and drive conversions during the crucial holiday season.

Pinterest’s direct links feature is a significant advancement for advertisers aiming to capitalize on the festive season. By simplifying the path to conversion and enhancing campaign performance, Pinterest is positioning itself as a more effective platform for driving traffic and conversions. 

This innovation is set to benefit creators and businesses alike, offering new opportunities for growth and success during the holiday campaigns.

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