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Empowering Women on TikTok: Strategies for Authentic Engagement

Women are increasingly dominating the cultural landscape, making significant impacts through popular media, record-breaking tours, and the creation of viral lingo. On TikTok, this influence is unmistakable, with trends like #GirlDinner and #GirlMath taking centre stage. 

This surge in cultural presence is matched by their substantial role in marketing, where women constitute 77% of digital content monetizers and 67% of female shoppers rely on creator recommendations before making purchases.

Strategies for Engaging Women on TikTok

To assist brands in harnessing the power of women on TikTok, both as creators and consumers, a comprehensive report has been developed. This report draws on primary research, industry expertise, and analysis of creative themes within women’s storytelling on TikTok. Here are the key insights and strategies:

1. Storytelling Across Generations

Women of all ages are making unprecedented economic impacts and use TikTok as a platform for connection. Brands looking to engage with women on TikTok should recognize the platform’s role in facilitating intergenerational dialogue and tailor their content to resonate across age groups.

2. A Platform for Self-Discovery

TikTok serves as a space for women to discover new aspects of themselves and the world around them. By engaging in nuanced creator conversations, brands can increase their discoverability among women, presenting themselves as allies in the journey of self-discovery.

3. Redefining Authenticity

For women on TikTok, authenticity means showing up as they truly are, embracing a spectrum from lo-fi to premium, cringe to cool. Brands must reassess their approach to authenticity, ensuring their marketing efforts reflect the diverse realities of women’s lives.

Expert Insights

The report features insights from Lizzy Bilasano, VP of Creative Strategy at Whalar, and Coco Mocoe, a trend-savvy creator and podcast host. Bilasano emphasizes the importance of crafting culturally rich solutions that break traditional advertising moulds, while Mocoe offers viral marketing advice and identifies emerging talents and trends.

In a landscape where women’s cultural and economic influence is growing, brands must adopt bold, active, and authentic strategies to engage this powerful demographic on TikTok. 

By understanding and integrating the creative themes prevalent among women on the platform, brands can forge meaningful connections and tap into the immense potential of women as both creators and consumers.

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