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Expanding Opportunities: The Pinterest Inclusion Fund

In its ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, Pinterest has expanded the reach and scope of its Creator Inclusion Fund. Initially launched in 2021, the fund supports content producers from historically underrepresented communities, facilitating their growth, connection, and success on the platform.

Expansion and Eligibility

The Pinterest Inclusion Fund has grown not only in the geographical scope, covering areas from North America to European regions, including the UK, France, and Northern European countries, but also in the types of participants it supports. 

The fund now welcomes small merchant businesses, independent lifestyle publishers, and boutique creator agencies that produce content for and by BIPOC, disability, plus-size, and LGBTQIA+ communities​​.

Program Benefits

The Pinterest Inclusion Fund participants benefit from a comprehensive support system that boosts their presence and effectiveness on the platform. This includes financial grants, ad credits, mentorship from industry experts, and specialized educational sessions. These resources aim to empower creators with the tools and knowledge to optimize their content and engage with a broader audience​​.

Why It Matters

Pinterest’s inclusion efforts are part of a broader strategy to foster a more diverse and inclusive online environment. By supporting underrepresented content creators, Pinterest not only enriches the diversity of content available but also promotes a more inclusive community where all users can see themselves represented and inspired​ (Pinterest)​.

Application Process

The application period for this cycle runs from May 29, 2024, at 9 AM ET, through June 7, 2024, at 9 PM ET. Eligible parties must meet specific criteria, such as ownership by underrepresented communities or a significant portion of products that cater to these communities. Additionally, applicants should have a business presence on Pinterest or a related e-commerce platform supported by Pinterest​​.

Pinterest’s expansion of the Inclusion Fund is a significant step towards levelling the playing field for creators from diverse backgrounds. By providing financial support and educational opportunities, Pinterest helps ensure that creativity and inspiration are core aspects of the platform and are accessible to all, reflecting a wide range of perspectives and experiences. This initiative not only benefits the creators themselves but also enriches the Pinterest community as a whole.

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