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Facebook Unveils Updates to Empower Creators: Unlimited Earnings and Global Expansion

In a significant move to revolutionize content monetization, Facebook has announced a series of updates that promise to enhance the earning potential of creators worldwide. As of February 29, 2024, the platform is expanding its Performance Bonus Program, removing monthly earning caps, and extending its reach to more creators in various countries. 

This initiative marks a pivotal moment in the digital content creation landscape, offering unprecedented opportunities for creators to earn from their passion.

Facebook’s Performance Bonus Program

The Performance Bonus Program on Facebook has been a beacon for creators, rewarding them for producing engaging content across various formats. Facebook has removed the monthly earning limits previously imposed on eligible creators. 

This change signifies a shift towards unlimited earning potential, allowing creators to reap the rewards of their hard work without bounds. By mid-March, this update is expected to be rolled out to most creators within the program, heralding a new age of content creation and monetization on the platform.

Embracing All Forms of Creativity

Facebook’s commitment to supporting creators in their diverse expressions of creativity is evident in its inclusive approach to content monetization. Whether through photos, text, long-form videos, Live sessions, or Reels, creators can engage their audience in myriad ways. 

The platform’s monetization programs, including Ads on Reels, In-Stream Ads, and the Performance Bonus, now encompass all these formats, ensuring creators are supported regardless of how they connect with their audience.

Expanding Horizons: More Creators, More Countries

Facebook is opening the doors of its Performance Bonus Program to more creators across the globe. While the program remains invite-only, it is expanding to include additional regions, notably Asia, for the first time. 

Creators from Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia may now find themselves eligible for an invite, joining their US, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, India, and Mexico counterparts. 

This expansion is a testament to Facebook’s dedication to fostering a global community of creators, with more countries set to join the fold soon.

In-Stream Ads and Ads on Reels

To further bolster creators’ earning opportunities, Facebook invites In-Stream Ads creators to participate in both the Performance Bonus Program and Ads on Reels. This initiative aims to expand their monetization avenues, ensuring creators can maximize their earnings across different content formats. 

Invitations to join these programs will be sent through the Facebook app, Meta Business Suite, or Professional Dashboard, allowing creators to access and leverage these new opportunities easily.

Transitioning to Performance-Based Payouts

Facebook continues to refine its video payout programs, moving from ad-based to performance-based models. This transition, already completed for Ads on Reels, is designed to reward high-quality content more effectively. 

More creators utilizing In-Stream Ads will be notified of their transition to the performance-based payout model in the coming weeks and months. Additionally, new metrics will be introduced in In-Stream Ads Insights, aiding creators in understanding how to thrive under this new model. Initially available to select creators using Meta Business Suite on desktop, these metrics will gradually be rolled out to more creators and platforms.

Facebook’s latest updates represent a monumental digital content creation ecosystem shift. By removing earning caps, expanding globally, and transitioning to performance-based payouts, Facebook sets a new content monetization standard. 

These changes empower creators with more freedom and flexibility and encourage diverse, high-quality content production. As Facebook continues to innovate and support its creator community, the future of content creation on the platform looks brighter.

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