We are overwhelmed by the thousands of brands and creators who wish to join Logie but we’ve reached capacity and can’t accept any more users at this time.
However, we’d love to have you on our waiting list!

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Get 100 free credits for Logie

Want to get 100 bonus credits to use on Logie?

As we keep building amazing features and tools, we find ourselves in situations where we cannot give unlimited usage for some as it costs us a lot of money to manage.

In order for us to keep Logie free for our creators, we built a credit system that allows us to control the usage of some of our features. These are monthly credits that will reset every month so they should help you achieve most of your monthly tasks. So if you’re out of credits, next month your credits will reset and you’ll be able to use your favorite features again.

However, we came up with a great idea that will help you get a bonus of 100 credits that never expire.

All you need to do is create a video that shows your favorite Logie feature and upload it to your social. By doing this, you are helping us educate other creators by showing them what we are building, while you’re getting credits in return. It’s a win-win situation!

Simply create the video, upload it to your socials and send us the links to the uploaded videos. We will then add your 100 credits to your account.

If you have any questions, let us know! You can use the ‘contact us’ page from within Logie or click here to send us a message.

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