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Instagram launches new API access to enhance creator collaborations

Instagram is extending its API access to allow multiple brand agencies to connect easily with their preferred content creators. It is extending access to elements of the Creator Marketplace through an API to enable brands to discover potential creators and continue working with them via their preferred third-party creator marketing platforms.

Some key features of this update include:

  • Prioritized Direct Messages (DMs): Brands can easily reach creators in a new priority inbox on the creator marketplace. This will be possible without leaving their preferred creator marketing platform. 
  • Project Briefs: Using Instagram’s matchmaking capabilities for project partnerships, Brands can now publish structured project briefs to the creator marketplace direct from a third party

These features will make it easier for brands and creators to communicate and collaborate effectively. Before opening access to more creator marketing partners, Instagram is currently testing these APIs with a select group of partners, including Captiv8, CreatorIQ, and Aspire. 

API Integration

Integrating APIs into Instagram’s Creator Marketplace is set to revolutionize how creators and brands collaborate. With the new release, agencies will;

  • Leverage APIs to track creator conversations with a dedicated folder. Messages will be sent directly to creators, where they will see and conveniently respond on Instagram.
  • Effectively work with Content creators and track projects. Structured briefs will be quickly published or sent to creators on behalf of the clients. They will also be able to publish discoverable projects that creators can apply to, track if creators have agreed to collaborate, and monitor progress.
  • Acquire the best talent for their client brands. Using advanced filters and search capabilities from their business accounts, and advanced filters, they will discover creators from the creator marketplace.

The new API integration will bridge the gap between Instagram and the preferred third-party marketing platforms, streamlining the collaboration process. As Instagram continues to refine the functionality of its Creator Marketplace, it is set to become an important hub in fostering collaborations between creators and brands. It has shown its commitment to supporting its creator community and adding value to brands since the creation of the marketplace in 2022. We, therefore, expect to see more exciting developments in tools and features.

“The new third-party API access by Instagram is a great addition to digital marketing. Although it is still being tested in a small cohort, I am excited to see how it will impact brands and elevate the content creation process. They say it can track project progress, right? I wish they included a digital payment method to ensure creators or brands are not short-changed, but this is a step in the right direction,” said Tanya Breus, Senior Business Development Executive at Logie.

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