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Instagram’s 2024 Trend Talk: Unveiling Gen Z’s Cultural Drive

In collaboration with WGSN, Instagram has recently revealed the 2024 Instagram Trend Talk, offering a deep dive into the trends that Gen Z anticipates will shape global culture in the upcoming year. 

This revelation, announced on December 4, 2023, results from an extensive survey spanning the US, UK, Brazil, India, and South Korea, focusing on diverse areas such as fashion, beauty, social media, dating, friendships, and more.

Fashion and Beauty Trends

In the realm of fashion and beauty, Gen Z is showing a strong inclination towards sustainable fashion goals for 2024. This includes a trend towards buying fewer new clothes, repeating outfits, shopping locally, and engaging in thrifting and DIY fashion. 

This shift indicates a growing awareness and responsibility towards sustainable living. In terms of personal style, there’s a noticeable drive towards individuality, with nearly one-third of Gen Z looking to get more creative with their dressing. This includes finding their signature scent and developing their unique ‘core’ aesthetic. 

In beauty preferences, new hairstyles and skincare tips are trending, while shaved eyebrows are a trend they wish to leave behind. The rise of fragrance creators also highlights a trend towards personal expression through scent.

Social Media Usage

Regarding social media usage, Gen Z plans to prioritize meaningful connections in 2024, using platforms like Instagram to keep up with friends and family and stay informed about fashion, music, and technology trends. 

Instagram is becoming a tool for closer personal connections, with activities like liking stories, sending reels or memes in DMs, and liking posts being popular ways to engage with others.

Dating and Friendship Dynamics

The survey reveals that most Gen Z (63%) are single, focusing on strengthening current relationships rather than seeking new ones. Interestingly, exchanging Instagram handles is becoming the preferred contact mode, surpassing traditional phone numbers. The top ‘icks’ in relationships include chewing with an open mouth, a lousy sense of humor, and dirty fingernails.

Flirting on Instagram involves liking stories, featuring someone in a story or photo dump, or adding them to the Close Friends list. The most valued aspect of friendships for Gen Z is the ability to share anything and mutual understanding.

Lifestyle and Priorities

Looking at lifestyle and priorities, 2024 is seen as a year of self-improvement and development for Gen Z. Their top priorities include staying healthy, exploring career paths, and traveling. There’s also a growing interest in vegan products and plant-based meats, reflecting a shift towards more health-conscious and environmentally friendly eating habits.

Celebrity Engagement and Activism

Regarding celebrity engagement and activism, a significant portion of Gen Z belongs to various fandoms, with TV shows/anime, musicians, and video games being the most popular. Many have sent DMs to celebrities as a form of support. In activism, the focus will be on education, voting, and using social media to spread awareness, reflecting a proactive approach to societal issues.

The 2024 Instagram Trend Talk offers valuable insights into the minds and hearts of Gen Z, highlighting their preferences, priorities, and the cultural trends they are likely to drive. These insights are crucial for brands, marketers, and content creators who aim to align with Gen Z’s values and interests in the upcoming year. As we enter 2024, understanding these trends will be essential for anyone looking to connect with this influential demographic on platforms like Instagram.

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