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Instagram’s Unveils Collaborative Music Features and More

Instagram has introduced new and exciting ways to engage with friends and creators through music, photos, and reels.

Now, users can add music to their photo carousels, enhancing the mood and bringing their collections to life. This builds on Instagram’s previous launch of music for feed photos.

“Whether you’re sharing a collection of summer memories with friends or moments from your camera roll, you can now add music to your photo carousels.” announced Instagram

Collaborate with Friends on Posts and Reels

With the new Collabs feature, users can invite up to three friends to co-author a feed post, carousel, or reel. 

This collaboration will allow the content to reach each collaborator’s audience and appear on each account’s profile grid. Both private and public accounts can participate in this feature.

“We’re opening up more possibilities with Collabs: now, you can invite up to three friends to co-author a feed post, carousel or reel.” said Instagram in a blog post

Engage with Creators and Artists on Reels

Creators and artists will now be able to invite their followers to join in on fun prompts or challenges they create on Reels. 

They will also be able to hand-pick their favorite submissions to celebrate their fans’ creativity.

“With the Add Yours sticker, a creator or artist can invite their followers to join in on a fun prompt or challenge they create on Reels, and then hand-pick their favorite submissions to celebrate their fans’ creativity.” mentioned Instagram

Music continues to be a vital part of Instagram, and the platform is expanding its music library to more countries. 

They are also partnering with Spotify in Mexico and Brazil to feature popular songs from Instagram Reels.

“Music is a key part of how people express their creativity and interests on Instagram. We’re excited to bring our music library to more countries over the coming weeks.” mentioned Instagram in a blog post

Instagram’s new update emphasizes collaboration and creativity, allowing users to engage with friends and creators innovatively. 

“We’re always working on ways to improve your Instagram experience. We’ll continue to build features that make it easier and more fun to create and share on Instagram.” said the platform

Whether a casual user or a content creator, these new features offer exciting possibilities to explore and enjoy. We can’t wait to see how this change interactions within the platform.

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