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Have you heard about Logie? 

If not, then you may be missing out on the best management system for ecommerce influencers. So, what does Logie do that makes it such a valuable tool for content creators?

Here’s a quick recap of what Logie is and what it does for you:

  • Allows influencers to easily create content for products and share that content on social media
  • Equips influencers with the tools they need to promote, add products, remove products, as well as design thumbnails, titles, descriptions, and more. Logie currently works with Amazon influencers but is already exploring partnerships with other leading eCommerce companies. 
  • Provides influencers with this amazing storefront called the go shopping platform (https://www.go.shopping/). Everyone gets their own shopping domain URL that they can use to promote their products (similar to a bio or your social media).

What problems does Logie solve?

Logie is automating deal creation between brands and influencers. By using technology to seamlessly connect and manage the two parties, Logie takes off the time spent on discussions and negotiations. Many content creators find that these back and forth deliberations can pretty exhausting, not to forget time consuming.   

How does Logie support creators?

Logie supports creators by giving them an easy to use platform that simplifies content production while also linking you to brand deals. More so, the company protects the creator’s work by ensuring that they get paid for the work they provide. Some brands will say I’m not going to pay you to shoot the video. Logie takes care of such micromanagement that doesn’t make sense. 

How does Logie support brands?

Logie supports brands as well by matching the products with the influencer who will most likely do a good job at promoting such products. If the brand wants to grow, which is the case for anyone in business, when working with 10 creators and following the work network with 100 with 200 influencers and matching those influences that are perfectly tailored for the brand product. Logie comes into the picture. It’s what Logie does that no one else does.

How does Logie use AI and big data to redefine influencer marketing?

Logies uses influencers/creators’ own history of sales, which when added to an AI model

automatically predicts the products that influencers can sell better than others. What are the products that influencers are most likely to generate buzz for and generate sales for? Logies allows the data to speak and make selections. Outside of all the amazing dashboards and tools that Logie is offering, the amazing chat GPT integrations are another level. 

This amazing platform is effectively using AI to predict where you’re going to make some more money. So you don’t have to try to go through hundreds of sales that you made (some people have 1000s or even 10s of 1000s of product sales) and try to analyze what works and what doesn’t. What are the products that are selling better for my audiences? What shoppable videos I created actually resonate with people? When you see that you’re able to sell a lot of products from one spectrum of the Amazon platform, for example, the AI can actually predict other products you’ll be able to generate good selling content for. This way, you don’t have to waste your time when trying to promote products that are not a good fit for you.

Why creators love Logie

There is no question that Logie is the most robust platform, especially for Amazon influencers. While it may be a sidekick for some for now, it might actually become the primary go to for ecommerce influencers across borders.Below are some common reasons why influencers love Logie:

  • The interface is content-creator-friendly and it’s easy to use to generate thumbnails, titles, descriptions, and the other content you need to go about your job.
  • More and more functionality that creators need is being integrated as Logie takes on feedback feature requests. 
  • The process of brand and influencer negotiations is handled by Logie, which saves time and money for those influencers who just want to create content and market products and hence make money.
  • Many of the brands on Logie offer really impressive commission levels, sometimes up to 52%, which means you get to make more for each unit sold. 

Is Logie available to everyone?

Logie is currently working with a group of influencers who are testing and providing feedback to help perfect the technology. Sign ups are only available for creators who have an invitation code from the company. 

My take on Logie

This is a game changer in this industry to help bridge the gap between influencers and brands and streamline the negotiations, and use of AI to generate better matches between influences and products to create more content and generate more money. It is a win-win situation for both parties and Logie’s mission is to shorten the gap and make it easy on everyone to create Revenue.

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