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Pinterest and Tastemade: Pioneering the Future of Streaming with “Deliciously Entertaining”

Pinterest, the visual discovery engine, has taken a significant leap into streaming television by launching its first-ever show, “Deliciously Entertaining.” This groundbreaking series, developed in collaboration with the modern media company Tastemade, is set to redefine the intersection of lifestyle content and digital interactivity.

A Culinary Adventure with a Digital Twist

“Deliciously Entertaining” is a cooking and lifestyle series hosted by the charismatic Danni Rose, a fan-favourite cookbook author and internet personality. The show, which will air on the Tastemade streaming channel starting February 23rd, features a star-studded lineup including Lance Bass, Trixie Mattel, Terrell Grice, Maurice Harris, and renowned Pinner Joy Cho.

Each of the 10 episodes is inspired by popular trends on Pinterest, inviting viewers into a world where food and design converge. From brunches and BBQs to game nights and dinner parties, the show uses Pinterest to plan menus and create homemade decor, bringing each event to life.

Nadine Zylstra, Global Head of Programming and Originals at Pinterest, captures the show’s essence: “Pinterest is all about finding inspiration to take action then and expand your horizons. That’s exactly what Deliciously Entertaining will encourage viewers to do.”

Bridging Platforms for a Unique Viewing Experience

The partnership with Tastemade is a strategic move by Pinterest to blend content creation with e-commerce. 

Jay Holzer, Tastemade’s Head of Programming, expresses his excitement: “In Deliciously Entertaining, we are bringing together the best of our platforms to help food and design lovers find inspiration to cook, create, gather, and try something new.”

Interactive and Shoppable Episodes

“Deliciously Entertaining” takes interactivity to the next level. Each 22-minute episode features a QR code that viewers can scan to access a Pinterest board. This board contains shoppable Pins, allowing viewers to recreate elements of the show at home, along with recipes, DIY tutorials, and more.

The season finale, set for June 21st, will debut on Amazon Live for a special “Shop the Show” companion episode. Host Danni Rose will guide viewers in transforming inspiration into action, bridging the gap between content and commerce.

This launch is part of Pinterest’s broader strategy to invest in original content and deepen its partnership initiatives. The platform has previously collaborated with various entities, including the Office of the First Lady and the Victoria & Albert Museum, showcasing its versatility and reach.

Each “Deliciously Entertaining” episode features a special guest who brings a unique ingredient, complemented by a fun DIY segment and a thematic gathering. The series includes themes like cosy comforts with Asia Jackson, a watch party with Lance Bass, and a pool party BBQ with Kalisa Marie.

“Deliciously Entertaining” is available on the Tastemade streaming channel and on-demand in the Tastemade mobile and TV apps. It’s also accessible ad-free with Tastemade+.

“Deliciously Entertaining” is a pioneering venture that blends cooking, lifestyle, and digital interactivity. This partnership between Pinterest and Tastemade symbolizes a new era in content consumption, where viewers are passive observers and active participants. 

As the world of digital media continues to evolve, “Deliciously Entertaining” stands as a testament to the innovative spirit of both companies, paving the way for future collaborations that blur the lines between entertainment and user engagement.

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