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Mobile Deep Linking: Pinterest’s New Feature to Enhance Purchase Activity

Pinterest, one of the biggest social sites globally, is introducing deep mobile links to Enhance User Experience. This will provide a seamless transition from the Pinterest platform to specific pages within the app.

This feature allows businesses to direct users to a specific page in their app to purchase products or perform specific actions. 

Overview of Mobile Deep Links

Mobile deep links are a tool that allows businesses to direct users to a specific page within their app. 

This feature is particularly useful for businesses that want to drive users to buy their products or take specific actions.

“Mobile deep links allow you to direct people to a specific page in your app to buy your products or take specific actions.” mentions Pinterest in a blog post

If a user clicks on an ad and doesn’t have the app installed, they are directed to the same page on the business’s website within the Pinterest app.

Types of Deep Links

Pinterest offers different types of deep links depending on the advertising objectives. For the catalog sales objective, a single deep link can lead to the correct destination across Android, iOS, and the web. 

For consideration and conversion objectives, two links can be used: an app link (for Android, iOS) and a web link or a single destination link that leads to the correct destination across all platforms.

The use of deep links varies depending on the ad format. Deep links can only be used on static images for the catalog sales objective. However, deep links can be used on static images, video formats, and idea ads for consideration and conversion objectives.

Setting Up Mobile Deep Links

Setting up mobile deep links on Pinterest can be done through the Ads Manager or the Bulk Editor. 

The process involves logging into your Pinterest business account, creating a campaign, selecting your targeting, budget, and schedule, and selecting the Pins you want to promote. 

You can then add your destination link and a fallback destination. The fallback destination is where users are directed if they click on an app link ad and don’t have the app installed.

The Importance of Mobile Deep Links

These links are crucial for businesses as they enhance the user experience by seamlessly transitioning from the Pinterest platform to a specific page within an app. 

This can significantly improve conversion rates, as users are more likely to purchase or take a specific action if they are taken directly to the relevant page.

They also allow creators to monetize their Pinterest presence more effectively. By directing users straight to their app, creators can increase their chances of making a sale or getting users to take a specific action.

Mobile deep links help creators increase user engagement with their content. By seamlessly transitioning from Pinterest to their app, creators can keep users engaged and encourage them to interact with their content more deeply.

By providing a seamless user experience, increasing conversion rates, and offering enhanced monetization opportunities, mobile deep links are set to revolutionize the way businesses and creators use Pinterest. 

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