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Pinterest Introduces the 2024 Color Palette: A Fusion of Trends and Creativity

Pinterest has released its first-ever annual color palette, aptly named the “Pinterest Palette.” Inspired by the platform’s 2024 trends, this innovative palette marks a significant step in Pinterest’s journey as a trendsetter and creative influencer. 

The palette includes a range of colors like Gummy Pink, Moss Green, and Mocha Brown, reflecting the diverse and dynamic nature of the trends emerging on Pinterest.

The Process Behind the Palette

Pinterest’s internal creative team, the House of Creative, analyzed the 2024 trends from Pinterest Predicts, focusing specifically on color-related search terms. They extracted the most persistent hues from these trending keywords, ensuring the palette is deeply rooted in user interests and preferences. 

Additionally, the team delved into the cultural zeitgeist, exploring various domains like fashion, interior design, and graphic design to align Pinterest’s data with macro industry color trends.

Meet the Colors of 2024

The Pinterest Palette for 2024 is a vibrant mix of nature-inspired and culturally relevant tones. Here’s a glimpse into the colors and the inspiration behind them:

  1. Desert Orange is a rich, bright, warm hue inspired by rust-like trends such as Dirt Flirts and Jazz Revival.
  2. Gummy Pink: A dusty pink and bold blush blend, drawing from trends like Kitschens and Melty Mashups.
  3. Aqua Blue: An aquatic-inspired blue reminiscent of the deep sea and influenced by trends like Be Jelly and Blue Beauty.
  4. Moss Green: A mix of dark olive and lime green, inspired by trends like Aquatecture and Tropic Like It’s Hot.
  5. Mocha Brown: A deep caramel meets greyish brown, drawing inspiration from trends like Cafécore and Western Gothic.

Utilizing the Palette

The Pinterest Palette is more than just a set of colors; it’s a tool for creators, brands, and designers to inform their creative assets, product assortments, and seasonal color palettes. With an annual refresh aligned with the trend report launch, the palette guides you to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of design and aesthetics.

By blending data-driven insights with cultural trends, Pinterest is not only influencing the color choices of its users but also shaping the broader design and aesthetic landscape. As we enter 2024, the Pinterest Palette is a beacon of inspiration for creators and brands alike.

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