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Pinterest Revolutionizes Advertising with “The P is for Performance” Campaign

Pinterest has launched an international campaign titled “The P is for Performance,” aimed at redefining the advertising experience on its platform. This high-concept campaign is designed to showcase a full suite of products for advertisers, emphasizing the platform’s ability to raise brand awareness and drive tangible results.

The campaign, inspired by the aesthetic of iconic action movies, takes a unique approach to storytelling in performance advertising. Xanthe Wells, VP of Global Creative at Pinterest, explains, “We wanted to tell our performance advertising story in a way only Pinterest can with elevated style and an element of the unexpected.” 

This approach breaks through the conventions of B2B marketing, utilizing the talents of film industry professionals to craft a series of high-action minifilms.

The Minifilms: A Creative Narrative

Directed by Tim Godsall, known for his offbeat brand of comedy, these minifilms feature two heroines navigating dangers while discussing the need for a performance-based ad platform. 

These narratives cleverly highlight Pinterest’s capabilities in boosting conversion rates and increasing traffic, moving beyond the traditional ‘upper funnel’ of marketing to champion the ‘lower funnel’ as well.

The campaign’s impact is further amplified by the voice of Corey Burton, a renowned voice actor, and the film titles designed by Kurt Volk, known for his work in Grindhouse. Burton’s voice adds a dramatic flair to the campaign, reinforcing the high-action, high-performance theme.

Pinterest’s Full-Funnel Approach

This campaign shows Pinterest’s evolution as a platform catering to brand awareness and conversion goals. It reveals significant increases in conversions (up to 28%) and traffic (up to 96%) for advertisers utilizing Pinterest’s tools. 

This full-funnel approach ensures that ads on Pinterest are relevant and highly effective. The campaign emphasizes several performance products, including:

  • Mobile deep links for directing users to specific app pages.
  • Direct links for seamless user handoff to product pages.
  • The Pinterest API for Conversions for secure, server-to-server conversion tracking.
  • Shopping ads that engage customers in the inspiration phase on Pinterest.
  • A Milestone in Pinterest’s Journey

Following its first earnings call of the year, Pinterest highlighted its progress towards becoming a significant player in performance marketing. 

The percentage of revenue from advertisers using at least three of Pinterest’s performance tools jumped from 2% to 23% by the end of the year, marking a significant milestone in the platform’s evolution.

“The P is for Performance” campaign is more than just a marketing initiative; it’s a testament to Pinterest’s commitment to evolving and enhancing the advertising experience on its platform. 

By blending creative storytelling with practical advertising solutions, Pinterest is setting a new standard in the digital advertising space, offering a comprehensive, result-driven approach for modern advertisers.

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