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Pinterest Unveils Enhanced Business Manager: A Game-Changer for Brands and Agencies

Pinterest has recently rolled out an improved version of its Business Manager, marking a significant update aligning its capabilities with major platforms like Meta and TikTok. 

This enhancement is a game-changer for brands, agencies, and social media managers, offering tools to streamline collaboration and amplify content. Here’s a comprehensive look at what this update entails and its implications for the digital marketing landscape.

Key Features of the Updated Business Manager

  1. Asset Creation and Sharing: Users can now create and share assets more efficiently, including ad accounts and profiles. This feature simplifies managing and distributing marketing materials across teams and partners.
  1. Inviting Employees and Partners: The updated Business Manager allows for seamless invitation of employees and partners into the platform. This integration facilitates collaboration, making collaborating easier for teams on Pinterest-related projects.
  1. Permission Assignments: Assigning specific permissions to employees and partners is now more streamlined. This ensures that team members have the appropriate level of access to the Business Manager, enhancing security and operational efficiency.

Aligning with Industry Standards

This long-awaited update aligns Pinterest’s Business Manager with the capabilities of other major social media platforms’ business management tools. Lindsey Gamble, a notable figure in the social media space, highlights this advancement on Threads, stating, 

“Pinterest now has similar capabilities to Meta and TikTok’s Business Managers, making it easier for brands/agencies to collaborate.”

One of the most significant implications of this update is the potential for increased paid media amplification of Pinterest creator content. With these enhanced tools, brands and agencies can more effectively promote and elevate content on the platform, leading to greater visibility and engagement.

Pinterest’s improved Business Manager is pivotal for social media managers, brands, and agencies. It streamlines collaboration and content management and opens up new opportunities for content amplification and engagement. As digital marketing evolves, tools like Pinterest’s Business Manager are crucial in helping brands maximize their online presence and impact.

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