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Pinterest’s new advertising products: premiere spotlight & travel catalogs

Pinterest, the visual discovery engine, has recently launched two new advertising products: Premiere Spotlight and Travel Catalogs. 

These innovative tools are set to revolutionize how creators and brands advertise on the platform, offering more immersive and engaging ways to reach audiences. 

Premiere Spotlight

Premiere Spotlight is a premium video solution offering an immersive brand awareness format. It uses widescreen video in priority placements, making it an ideal tool for seasonal moments, launches, or other big promotions. 

As Pinterest puts it, “Premiere Spotlight is our most immersive awareness format yet, providing scale and reach for your biggest brand moments. Starting today, Premiere Spotlight is available to advertisers in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.”

The ads appear on surfaces that reach millions of people daily, maximizing reach and scale. The ad will take up approximately 50% of a mobile screen on a guaranteed date. This means that creators can now ensure that their content is seen by a large audience at the right time.

Brands using Pinterest Premiere Spotlight have seen higher view rates and completion than other ad placements.

For instance, e.l.f Cosmetics used it to launch their new Lash N’ Roll Mascara and saw a 13% higher view-through rate with Gen Z compared to MRC’s baselines.

Travel Catalogs: Turning Inspiration into Booked Holidays

On the other end of the advertising spectrum, Pinterest has introduced Travel Catalogs. This tool is designed to drive engagement and performance, helping travel brands boost their bookings.

Millions of Pinterest users save travel content to their Pinterest boards, and the new feature by the platform is an easy way to turn these wishes into reality.

“Leading German travel booking company TUI got to try Travel Catalogs in beta. Their ads became more actionable, leading to an 8x higher optimized click-through rate (oCTR) than they were seeing previously.5 Hotel and rental companies worldwide will gain access to Travel Catalogs later this summer. You’ll find it in the catalogue menu in Ads Manager, along with our other shopping solutions,” mentioned Pinterest.

With Travel Catalogs, hotel, and rental brands can upload their full travel catalog to Pinterest, automatically creating dynamic product ads for each listing. These ads directly show relevant details on the Pin itself, such as the brand, pricing, and descriptions.

In a blog post, Pinterest explains, “Travel Catalogs will make it easier for people to turn their travel dreams into reality, with the click of a button.When someone clicks on an ad uploaded from Travel Catalogs, they’ll navigate directly to the booking site for that specific listing.”

Impact on Creators

These new advertising products are set to impact creators on Pinterest significantly.

Premiere Spotlight offers a new way to create high-impact, immersive video content that can reach a wide audience. This game-changer is for creators looking to boost their brand awareness and reach on the platform.

Travel Catalogs, meanwhile, offer a powerful tool for creators in the travel industry. By making it easier for users to go from inspiration to booking, creators can drive more conversions and boost their performance on the platform.

When asked if the introduction would open up some new avenues for Amazon influencer, Justin Germino, a seasoned vlogger, blogger,affiliate marketer, and Amazon influencer, said, “well tricky thing about Amazon influencers is, it is against Operating Agreement to do any paid promo to your Amazon store/live or any affiliate products, it gets you banned. So this may be useful to get people to promote if they own their own stores/merch, or shopify, but going to influencer channel, hard to convert to sales or ROI. Travel would be good for travel bloggers who have partnerships with travel agencies, hotels, and can benefit that way perhaps,”.

By leveraging the new advertising products, creators can reach a wider audience, create more engaging content, and ultimately drive more conversions, but does it really gel with their kind of marketing? Whether it is or not is debatable, but with the monthly numbers the platform attracts, it is worth a shot. 

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