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Revolutionizing in-app shopping in the UK: TikTok’s ‘Fulfilled by TikTok’ Program Unveiled

TikTok has announced the launch of a new logistics program called ‘Fulfilled by TikTok’ (FBT) in the UK. 

This program aims to simplify the selling process for merchants using TikTok Shop by handling various logistics aspects, allowing them to focus on marketing, content, and product development. 

The initiative seems promising, but its success will depend on execution and adaptability to the diverse needs of merchants.

What ‘Fulfilled by TikTok’ Offers

Same-Day Fulfillment

FBT offers same-day automated fulfillment for all orders made by 7 PM from Monday to Saturday, along with a next working day premium delivery service. 

This feature could significantly enhance customer satisfaction by reducing waiting times.

Improved Customer Interaction

The program promises improved customer feedback and ratings through instant messaging services and dedicated customer service employees. 

This direct customer interaction may foster loyalty and improve the overall shopping experience.

Enhanced Delivery Metrics

FBT aims to reduce delivery times, providing a more efficient service to customers. 

While this is a promising aspect, how well the system will perform during peak shopping seasons remains to be seen.

How Merchants Can Use FBT

Merchants interested in FBT must be based in the UK, and packages must not exceed a weight of 30kg or a cubic volume of 31.5 cubic liters per shipment.

Stock Handover

Merchants can hand over a volume of their stock to be stored at a warehouse. They don’t have to store all their SKUs at the warehouse and can select specific items for FBT.

Order Processing

Once a merchant’s items are stored in the FBT warehouse, the warehouse will pick, pack, and label the merchandise before shipping – all through one seamless service.


TikTok Shop charges fees for warehousing, shipping, and other added value services such as labelling, pre-packing, and inserting leaflets.

This comprehensive service could be a game-changer for small businesses, but the fees for warehousing and shipping might be a concern for some.

Experience from Merchants

Several TikTok Shop UK merchants have already tested the service and reported positive results:

Ning Cheah, Founder of Skincare and MakeUp brand The Beauty Crop, said, “Since using FBT, we’ve seen volumes increase by 30%, shipping lead times drop by 36% and late dispatch rates drop by over 45%. It’s made a huge difference.” This quote emphasizes the efficiency gains from the program.

Sach, Managing Director of the personal care brand Nature Spell, stated, “Partnering with FBT has been a monumental shift for us. Before FBT, we were drowning in order volumes and couldn’t focus on what we do best: manufacturing.” Sach’s experience highlights how FBT can free up merchants to focus on their core business.

‘Fulfilled by TikTok’ presents an innovative solution for merchants using TikTok Shop in the UK. Taking care of logistics, it allows merchants to concentrate on other vital aspects of their business. 

The early success stories are promising, and the embedded features seem well thought out.

However, the program’s long-term success will depend on its ability to scale and meet the diverse needs of merchants. 

Overall, FBT seems to be a step in the right direction, offering tangible benefits to UK creators, but its real impact will be revealed in its broader implementation and acceptance among the merchant community.

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