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Roblox Open Beta Coming to Meta Quest

Meta has recently announced that the popular online platform Roblox is coming to Meta Quest, starting with an open beta that will be available in the App Lab in the coming weeks. 

This move is expected to significantly impact the virtual reality (VR) landscape, offering new opportunities for both developers and users.

The Integration of Roblox and Meta Quest

Roblox, a platform hosting millions of user-generated games, boasts an average of over 66 million daily users. 

Integrating Roblox with Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro, and the upcoming Quest 3 will expand the platform’s reach, adding to its vast community that spans mobile devices, desktops, and Xbox.

“The open beta is a great opportunity for the Roblox developer community to optimize their existing games for Quest and build new ones for VR while gathering input and feedback from the Quest community.” said Meta in a Blog post

The open beta will provide the Roblox developer community with a unique opportunity to optimize their games for Quest and build new ones for VR. This will allow developers to experiment, learn, and iterate on VR experiences before Roblox fully releases on the Meta Quest Store.

Impact on the VR Community

Roblox’s integration with Meta Quest will impact the VR community significantly. With over 15 million active experiences and counting, Roblox is set to offer a vast library of content for the Quest community to explore. 

Furthermore, Roblox automatically publishes some experiences that use default player scripts to support VR devices. This means that the Roblox VR library will be seeded with high-quality content from day one.

“And because Roblox is cross-platform, you’ll be able to connect, play, and hang out with friends across Xbox, iOS, Android, and desktop helping to make VR more social than ever before.” announced Meta

The cross-platform nature of Roblox will also make VR more social than ever. Users will be able to connect, play, and hang out with friends across Xbox, iOS, Android, and desktop.

Safety Measures

Roblox on Quest will be available for people ages 13 and up. Parents can use existing Meta Quest parental supervision tools to help create a level of safety and supervision that’s right for their family. 

This ensures that while the platform is expanding its reach and capabilities, it is also taking into account the safety and well-being of its users.

Integrating Roblox into Meta Quest is a significant step forward in the VR landscape. It provides new opportunities for developers to create and optimize VR experiences and offers users a vast library of content to explore. 

The move is expected to make VR more social and interactive, further enhancing the VR experience for users. However, as with any new development, it will be interesting to see how this integration evolves and what impact it will have on the future of VR.

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