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Temu gains traction in the US despite TikTok’s controversies

Temu, currently the most downloaded app in the US, is an online marketplace for discount products. It provides a platform for creators and businesses to monetize their content or sell products. The app is operated by PDD Holdings, owners of Pinduoduo (the company’s parent eCommerce app that has also been in the spotlight for data privacy concerns). Most products in the app are shipped directly from China to consumers in the US.

Temu’s Surprising Success in the US

Despite the controversies surrounding TikTok, Temu has experienced remarkable growth in the United States. Its key selling point is cheap products, leading consumers to weigh options between the different e-commerce platforms and eventually landing on Temu. With the help of Tiktok, Temu has reached over 300 million views on the hashtag #Temu, where creators are taking advantage of low prices and unboxing purchased items on camera.

Temu held an extravagant marketing campaign during the Superbowl with the caption ‘shop like a billionaire,’ resulting in millions of downloads and varying customer reactions. When asked about its motto, a Temu spokesperson told CNN

‘’Through the largest stage possible, we want to share with our consumers that they can shop with a sense of freedom because of the price we offer,” 

Review of Temu Products

Being the top downloaded App since January 2023, you would expect shipped products sold on the site to offer maximum quality for the least price possible. On the contrary, customer reviews on Better Business Bureau show that Temu has only a 2.21/5 star rating and 235 customer complaints, most of which allege that products were delayed, delivered with damages, or the customer service was slow and unhelpful. 

Is Temu Safe?

The app deals with sensitive information like home addresses and credit card information, and consumers are bound to be paranoid. Temu supports several secure payment methods, including PayPal, Apple Pay, google pay, and most credit cards; apart from this, it is backed by PDD Holdings Inc, which has many years of experience in global commerce. Still, there are doubts surrounding the app considering, Pinduoduo, Temus’s sister company, and Tiktok are under scrutiny, yet they were considered safe. Should users be skeptical? 

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