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Video display elements transform Facebook Marketplace listings

Facebook has introduced a video display elements feature to their marketplace listing. Buyers can now request a video of a product so they can make better purchase decisions. This new addition will also allow sellers to record or upload videos alongside their product listings, offering potential buyers a more comprehensive understanding of the products they are considering.

Benefits of Video Display Elements

Here’s some of what you can expect from this valuable new feature:

  • 360-degree Views – with video display elements, buyers can now enjoy 360-degree views of listed items and adequately see the product’s appearance, size, and potential issues or defects.
  • Proof of Authenticity – sellers can demonstrate that the listed item is genuine and matches the description provided. 
  • Real-time Demonstration of Functionality – in addition to displaying the physical appearance of an item, video display elements can also demonstrate its functionality
  • Improved Communication and Engagement – sellers can create a more engaging experience for potential buyers. 

How you can Harness the Power of Video Display Elements

Sellers must invest in high-quality videos and keep them concise to maintain customer interest. Adding descriptions and captions to enhance the viewer experience also helps. Videos offer a unique opportunity for sellers to showcase their personalities and build a connection with potential buyers. A genuine and friendly demeanor will help establish trust and make the buying process more enjoyable for the customer. 

Consider offering a brief introduction, sharing some background information about the item, or sharing a personal anecdote related to the product.

“As social media platforms continue to create tools for creators and eCommerce vendors, it is important that you stay on top of the latest releases so you can make the most out of them. Video display elements are set to become indispensable tools for enhancing customer experience and driving success for brands and content creators alike,” said Bethwel N., Logie’s Creative Director. 

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