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YouTube Expands Channel Memberships Gifting

YouTube has expanded its Channel Memberships Gifting feature to all eligible monetizing creators. This marks a new chapter in how creators engage with their audience and offer more value. 

“Starting tomorrow, we’re excited to bring a beta version of Channel Memberships Gifting to a small group of creators,” announced Jensen from TeamYouTube. 

This feature allows channel members to purchase memberships in bundles [5, 10, 20] and gift them to other viewers during live streams. It’s a unique way for creators to grow their community and for viewers to support their favorite channels.

How It Works

Membership gifting is straightforward. Existing channel members will click the $ button next to the live chat during desktop live streams to buy gift memberships. YouTube then distributes these memberships to viewers based on their engagement with the channel.

 “Loyal viewers who are always watching and interacting with your content are more likely to receive gift memberships,” explains Jensen.

Revenue Sharing and Eligibility

The revenue split for gift memberships remains the same as standard memberships – 70/30 in favor of the creator. However, it’s important to note that this is calculated after deductions like App Store fees and sales tax. 

To be eligible, creators must enable channel memberships and offer a tier below $5. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for Brand Accounts.

Free of Charge Gift Memberships

In a recent update, eligible creators now receive free memberships at the start of every month to gift to their viewers. This initiative aims to increase awareness of channel membership perks and reward loyal fans. Creators will distribute these gifts in bundles of 5 twice a month during live streams or Premieres.

This expansion of membership gifting adds a new layer of interaction and support within the YouTube community. Creators can now leverage this feature to enhance viewer engagement and loyalty while viewers will experience membership perks at any cost.

YouTube’s introduction of Memberships Gifting and the recent update of free monthly gift memberships signify the platform’s commitment to enhancing creator-viewer relationships. 

As Jensen says, “We hope you’re as excited about Memberships Gifting as we are.” This feature empowers creators and enriches the viewing experience, making it a win-win for the YouTube community.

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