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YouTube’s 2023: A Year of Diverse Trends and Rising Stars

The year 2023 on YouTube was marked by a diverse array of trending topics and the rise of new creator talents, as highlighted by Madeline Buxton, Culture & Trends Manager for the US and Canada. 

From the quirky ‘Skibidi Toilet‘ to the cultural phenomenon of ‘Barbie,’ YouTube’s landscape this year was a vibrant mix of creativity, innovation, and cultural shifts.

The Trending Topics of 2023

YouTube’s trending topics in the US were a testament to the platform’s role in transforming cultural moments into immersive experiences. The year saw fans engage with various content, from original series like ‘Skibidi Toilet’ to the much-anticipated release of ‘Barbie.’ 

These trends played out across various formats, including Shorts, long-form videos, livestreams, and podcasts, showcasing YouTube’s versatility as a platform.

Creators turned the ‘Grimace Shake’ into a piece of analog horror-inspired lore and engaged with the Mario universe through Jack Black’s rendition of ‘Peaches.’ The open world of ‘The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’ offered new adventures, while Miley Cyrus’s ‘Flowers’ became a hit through multiple Shorts trends. 

This year also saw the rise of artificial intelligence in content creation, a must-stream indie horror game, and the spotlight on Música Mexicana, bringing diverse genres and topics to the forefront.

Top Creators and Breakout Stars

In the realm of creators, MrBeast continued his reign, joined by fresh faces who found success in various verticals, from sketch comedy to sports. These creators, including Pink Shirt Couple, Topper Guild, and Zhong, saw the most significant growth in US-based subscribers, reflecting the dynamic nature of YouTube’s creator community.

The US Breakout Creator’s list featured multiple gaming creators and the creator behind the unexpected series of the year. This list, including Pink Shirt Couple, JT Casey, and Jeffrey Bui, highlights those who saw significant growth in subscribers, showcasing the ever-evolving landscape of YouTube content creation.

The Soundtrack of 2023

Shorts trends and the rising popularity of Música Mexicana drove music on YouTube in 2023. Artists like Peso Pluma and Grupo Frontera brought regional Mexican music to the top of the charts. Tracks from Toosii and Miley Cyrus also gained popularity, demonstrating YouTube’s influence in shaping music trends and propelling songs to new heights.

YouTube’s 2023 reflects the platform’s unique ability to cater to various interests and communities. From gaming and horror to music and AI, YouTube continues to be a space where diverse content thrives, and creators can find their niche. 

The platform’s role in shaping cultural moments and music trends is undeniable, and its impact on the creator economy is significant. Thinking about what new trends and talents will emerge on YouTube in the coming year is exciting as we look ahead.

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