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10 organic hacks to increase your Amazon Live views

Streaming on Amazon Live is an easy and straightforward way to boost sales and build brand awareness. But increasing the number of live stream viewers who are watching your broadcasts is a common challenge among creators. Getting thousands of viewers for every live stream would certainly be delightful. But a bit of a strategy and action is required to get you there. 

In this discussion post, we highlight and explore excellent ways for creators to make their Amazon shoppable videos much more successful. 

1. Improve visual quality 

Start with the basic things – like ensuring that the quality of your visual content is top-notch. Simple ideas such as using a phone holder and ring light can help when you’re getting started – but not when it’s time to go pro. You want to make sure that you consistently churn out entertaining and engaging content. Consider setting up multiple cameras to capture different angles so that viewers get a ‘richer’ perception. Using a switcher can also help keep the transitions exciting and encourage users to stay tuned. 

2. Make the cover image good

A good Amazon Live cover image can make a real difference. It’ll give users an itch to click and watch the live stream. The idea is to show something that will grab viewers’ attention from miles away. Think purposeful images, wisely chosen colors, readable text, and quality graphics that make your cover image look like it wants to pop from its surroundings. 

3. Use promotional banners

Effective use of banners in your shoppable videos can help drive viewers to action and actually generate sales. Amazon Live facilitates this by allowing you to share a promotional or ‘custom message’ banner at the bottom of the video. Users can click on the promotional banner (to apply a discount on their account) or read the purposefully written custom message. Sharing the promotion banner may work better, but a better idea is to test both options and see what works best for the product you’re promoting. 

4. Optimize video titles

Compelling video titles get more attention and clicks. Consider taking a minute to make sure that each title is straightforward and captures the focus of the live stream in a language that will pique viewers’ attention. Optimizing titles is even more important given that there’s no option to add longer descriptions to Amazon Live video streams. Make sure to include the right keywords and keep titles short and compelling to drive clarity and increase engagement. 

5. Pre-announce your live streams 

Bring your social army on board to maximize the reach and potential of each Amazon live stream you broadcast. Consider announcing to your followers that you plan to broadcast. If you have a blog and mailing list, sending out a blast can help encourage people to follow and actually keep an eye out for your content. 

6. Share your recently live broadcasts

Sharing your recently recorded Amazon shoppable streams can help increase viewership and even sales. Reach out to your fans on Facebook, TikTok, and other high-value social communities with a link to your completed live streams. Consider enticing them with discounts or exciting stuff about the product(s) your live streams are focused on. 

7. Amaze your viewers

Build authority by delivering amazing information and tips all the time to help boost your performance in the long run. Know your target audience and give them the kind of content they want.

Make bold statements at the beginning of the video to let people know what the live stream is focused on. Keep the content exciting throughout so that views stay with you. Interact and chat with viewers via the chat feature to keep them hooked. Answer their questions professionally and focus on the benefits to drive more conversion. 

8. Grow your follower community 

Focus on consistently growing your followers across channels: Amazon Live, YouTube, social media, etc. This way, you cultivate an army of subscribers that you can easily reach out to whenever you have an upcoming shoppable video stream. The more people engage with your content across the board, the more views you can expect to get from your promotional video streams. 

9. Capture and integrate feedback

Listen to what your viewers are saying and see how you can integrate that into your production style to make each stream better than the previous one. Do people want to see more demonstrations? Does your recording equipment need an upgrade to capture more details? Do you need to be more comprehensive? Your audience can be your best source of actionable information that can help you find success. 

10. Learn and Improve

Keep track of metrics such as unique viewers, average watch time, and total minutes watched. What does the length of each video tell you? Which style of content appears to be more effective/engaging? Ask these important questions so you learn what works so you can iteratively improve your strategy for even better performance. You need to sell and sell hard, and that means dropping what doesn’t while focusing more on the growth hacks and activities that are giving you the results you want to see.

How Logie Changed How Creators Run Their Business 
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Each creator’s journey is unique, so please feel free to add your two cents to the tips above. Let us all know what techniques you are using, and what tips you have in mind for emerging creators.

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  1. I’m just a newbie and really looking forward to exploring all the opportunities with Logie. And I hope we can all support each other along the way:) I am looking forward to using all these hacks and monetize, monetize, monetize!

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