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Precision-Matched Influencers

The ultimate social commerce platform that redefines influencer marketing.
Data-driven approach that automatically connects brands with laser matched influencers based on their proven sales performance.
Embrace the future of fully-automated, one-click influencer marketing!

Revolutionizing Influencer-Brand Connections for Unparalleled Growth

No More Manual Work

Welcome to Logie, the game-changing social commerce platform that harnesses the power of historical sales data to create unparalleled matches between influencers and brands.
Say goodbye to the tedious process of searching, negotiating, and coordinating with influencers, and embrace our streamlined approach to influencer marketing.
Our purpose-built platform guarantees the perfect pairing for maximum reach and sales impact, all while taking the hassle out of your hands.
Experience the future of social commerce and influencer marketing, only with Logie.


We are Rethinking Social Commerce. Join Us

LOGIE attracts talented influencers from diverse backgrounds by offering some of the highest creator commissions in the market. This allows us to furnish our brand partners with a cost-friendly - and more effective - platform to get their products out there.  Join brand aggregators and eCommerce agencies who are using our groundbreaking technology and data-powered approach to drive key market goals on auto-pilot.

Trusted by Hundreds of Brands


Discover Logie for Influencers

We believe creators should spend their time doing what they do best – creating powerful content. LOGIE brings leading brands to the table so you find the opportunities and partnerships you need. Our influencers and social media stars earn some of the highest commissions across the board.

Auto Creativity

Use our generative AI to create superior content within seconds.

More in Less Time

Create eye-catching graphics in record time with our art generators.

Track Performance

Track Amazon views, conversions, and earnings in a snap

Automate Pay

No more negotiations, delivery requests, invoicing, payments etc...

Gain The Competitive Edge

Logie for Brands

We think that eCommerce marketing should be precise and effective. To achieve this goal, our team has developed cutting-edge technology to minimize the time, effort, and cost expenditure that brand leaders spend on marketing their products. Create awareness, drive sales, and powerfully showcase new and existing products.

Data-Informed Campaigns

Leverage sophisticated, AI-driven, marketing tools that empower creators to drive sales and awareness

Optimize For Success

seamlessly scale campaigns to maximize sales and awareness based on a constant flow of real time data

Automate Each Campaign

Automate each campaign with expert insights and tools that are designed to maximize impact and minimize costs

Add Products In Seconds

Add products in (literaly) seconds by importing your ASIN, searching via an Amazon interface, or scanning your barcode

Simplicity Meets practicability

Data Informed Influencer Partnerships

Filtering through marketplaces to find the right creators and influencers can be tiresome and even impractical. LOGIE removes the guesswork from the equation so you KNOW who the right influencer is for your brand and products. 

Employ our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to identify the right creators for your product based on aggregated sales data – so you don’t have to waste time or money guessing. Yes, we are reinventing the wheel because finding the right marketing partners shouldn’t be so hard.

Why Choose Us

Market Intelligence In Action

Here’s what our technology can do for you

Perfect Match Making

Automatically identify laser matched influencers on a product level!

Precision Targeting

Deliver the right content to the right people at the right time and at the right place


Scale campaigns from laser matched to regular match to broad match influencers

Real Time Insights

Optimize campaigns on the go with real-time insights and recommendations

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