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Connecting products with people.

Logie has quickly become the industry standard for getting products in front of the right people.

 We are proud to be the highest paying creators platform on the planet; this is how we built an unrivaled network of content creators and social media stars. Surprising as it may sound, but by being the highest paying we actually SAVE money to the brands we work with!

We use AI to scale and fully automate product campaigns in disruptive ways never before seen.

Logie is the chosen company by the world’s largest e-commerce agencies and we are backed by industry leaders:
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How we disrupt e-commerce

Artificial Intelligence for Content Creators.

Logie has built some of the most sophisticated, AI-driven, marketing tools that empower content creators with the ability to drive sales and awareness for brands’ products at scale, and fully automate the success of each product campaign. Yes, we also built the technology that allows us to measure the success of each product campaign, so we can scale it to reach more and more people with laser-targeted creators.


100's of Brands Trust Us


Intelligence Meets Automation


Automated Creativity

Our creators are enjoying super-tools that boost their creativity with our AI robot that helps them write superior content in seconds.

Automated Art

Our creators are able to create more in less time thanks to our auto graphic generators that helps them create eye catching graphics.

Automated Pay

No more endless negotiations, annoying content delivery requests, invoice sending, begging for pay... Logie automates it all!


Real Auto Pilot

Hard to comprehend but it's true. Just scan your barcode and you're done. Logie's advanced AI will do the rest. Really. ALL THE REST.

Only the Best

Unlike any other creators platform where you had to filter through thousands of creators: Logie relies on proven data and matches you with the best creators for your product.

Save Thousands

Logie's technology is so different: we make money when you do! So trust us when we say we will do EVERYTHING to make your campaign successful.

Technology that reads your customer mind.

Logie developed the world’s first predictive marketing platform that uses AI to automatically deliver the most effective content, to the right people, at the right time. The Logie platform is the combined result of years of research and development in the fields of machine learning and e-commerce recommendation algorithms.

We have a team of world-class engineers who are constantly innovating and expanding the capabilities of our platform.

Why choose us

We Are Intelligence In Action

Some of the things our platform can do:

Perfect Match Making

Automatically identify the most effective products for each creator to maximize profit

Super Duper Targeting

Deliver the right content to the right people at the right time and at the right place

Unparalleled Scalability

Automatically scale campaigns to maximize sales and awareness based on a constant flow of data

Real Time, For Real

Provide real-time insights and recommendations to optimize campaigns on the fly

People need a buying advice. We predict who will be the right one to give it.

We don't guess. We know.

Are you tired of filtering marketplaces for the right creators? Hoping to find the right one?

No more. Logie knows.

Logie tells you exactly who will be most effective for your product. We use AI to identify the right creators for your product based on real sales data, so you don’t have to waste time or money guessing. Yes, we know, we are reinventing the wheel.

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We are changing lives.
Join us.

By being the highest-paying creator’s platform on the planet, we are able to attract the world’s top talent. And we are actually the most cost-effective marketing platform. Really.

It might sound a bit counter-intuitive but there’s a reason why we are the chosen company by the world’s largest e-commerce brand aggregators and agencies:

They realized that our technology works so well that it makes sense to pay a little more for each real sale (yes, you pay for results!) but save thousands on guessing!


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