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Meta unveils AI Sandbox and enhanced Meta Advantage to boost Ad performance

Meta has announced new advancements in using its artificial intelligence (AI) to improve ad performance. The improvements will give advertisers access to new tools and features tested in the company’s AI Sandbox. The company has also introduced an improved Meta Advantage ad automation tool that will provide more flexibility for creative content and help advertisers measure successful campaigns. 

AI Sandbox for Advertisers

This feature introduced by Meta will serve as a testing ground for early versions of new tools and features. The goal according to Meta is to develop tools that are easy to use and effective in improving ad performance.

‘’Our goal is to learn what works for advertisers and make these features easy to use in our ads tools. To start, we are building tools like text variation, background generation, and image outcropping to do things like to make an ad’s text more engaging or improve parts of its creative,” announced Meta in a blog post.

Meta has come up with AI features including; Text Variation which users will use to generate multiple versions of ad text to allow advertisers to test different messages for specific audiences,  Background Generation to create a variety of background images from text inputs, and Image Outcropping to adjust creative assets to fit different aspect ratios across various platforms. 

Improvements to Meta Advantage

Some of the features that Meta has improved include; One-click conversion of manual campaigns to Advantage+ shopping, Support for video creative in catalog ads, Performance Comparisons, and Improved performance with Advantage+ audience which uses audience suggestions and offers updated audience targeting methods to drive conversions.

“Meta Advantage is our portfolio of automation products that use AI and machine learning to help optimize campaign results, personalize ads by matching them to the right people at the right time, and ultimately help advertisers save time and money. Last year we consolidated our automated products under this new portfolio in order to help businesses more easily identify and benefit from them. Since then, we have seen adoption grow. For example, there are 3x as many advertisers using Advantage+ shopping campaigns weekly as there were 6 months ago,” said Meta in the blog post.

To finetune these products, a select group of advertisers are working with Meta to provide feedback. More advertisers will gradually be included starting July, with plans to integrate some features into Meta’s product offerings later in the year.

Meta continues to invest heavily in AI infrastructure in ways that they hope will be benefiting to both advertisers and users. By using more prominent, and complex models in their ads system, the platform aims to improve ad experiences and optimize results for businesses using the platform.

For instance, advanced AI modeling now enables optimization across multiple objectives simultaneously on Instagram, such as clicks on Story ads and conversions or sales on Reels.

Several companies have adopted the use of AI to ease the load of content creation. Logie.ai is a good example, for a platform designed with creators in mind, most of its processes are automated to allow creators to click and generate content seamlessly, all they have to do is share and get returns. It is very impressive, and if it means more money for creators, then we need to keep going.

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