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Logie Leads the Way With Innovative New Features to Support Holiday Flash Sales

Our team is proud to announce a flurry of new features to equip our users with the tools they need to maximize Black Friday and Q4 holiday sales. These new features will enable brands to instantly share custom promotions and influencers to create and share content more efficiently. The most important shopping season is finally here and we’re proud to be leading the way to push social commerce to the next level and make influencer-brand collaboration a win-win for all parties involved.

On Tuesday this week (November 21), our CEO announced the innovative auto-collections feature that will enable creators to curate product collections in a flash. The feature makes use of realistic filters to save hours of manual work and free up influencers’ time so they can focus on other income-generating activities. 

Watch Auto Collections Launch Event Recording on Facebook 
Watch Auto Collections Launch Event Recording on Facebook 

Here are a few reactions from Logie creators who attended the Live Event to announce Auto Collections (At 1 pm ET yesterday). 

I used to spend HOURS A WEEK updating lists for my followers. It was 100% not worth my time for the commissions I made from them, but they help me gather followers and that is necessary, so that kept me updating them.

Well, I just spent under 10 minutes setting up an auto updating collection 🤯 🤩 Hours a week down to minutes a month. 🤜🎤

I figure I’ll continue to add products to Logie (my products) from Amazon regularly, and even this was so easy with an ‘add all to Logie’ button, I can just do one quick search and add pages of products in a few minutes! 🥰

I am so excited 💖 Thank you!!!

That’s going to be a gamechanger

Andrew Borst

We are excited for this update!!!

Ileane Smith

“This will be game changing!”

Cherese Cecelia

In addition to the Auto Collections, Logie has also made it easier for brands to announce deals. Our e-commerce partners will be able to instantly share upcoming deals well ahead of time. That means that creators can get a first-hand peek at these deals and start creating content in readiness for important shopping days this super season. 

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Logie is committed to innovating and progressively creating the super tools our community needs to thrive. As we move forward in the weeks and months to come, we’ll continue to lead the way as we create the world’s best social commerce infrastructure. As we celebrate our innovative posture for 2023 holiday shopping sales, we continue to appreciate our devoted partners and diehard influencers who have helped make this community truly great. 

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