We are overwhelmed by the thousands of brands and creators who wish to join Logie but we’ve reached capacity and can’t accept any more users at this time. However, we’d love to have you on our waiting list!

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“Half Price” Samples on Logie

At Logie, we’re all about making connections. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) system is built to match creators with products that are a great fit. However, not all matches are made this way. Some creators may not be matched with a product, but still, have an interest in promoting it.

We understand these passionate creators should not be limited. So, we’ve come up with a simple but exciting concept: offering preferred brands’ products to creators at half price. Keeping it simple, we don’t deal with varied discounts; we stick to a flat 50% off. This model works beautifully right across the Logie platform.

So now, any creator, whether matched with your product by our AI or not, can choose to promote it. This is their chance to get involved and join the party!

In return, brands can enjoy greater exposure to their products, benefitting from the extended reach of even more creators – without the added cost of running campaigns, handling shipping, or product costs. There’s something for everyone in this genuinely win-win arrangement.

But there still needs to be a measure of balance. Not every brand can take part in this offer. To be eligible for participation in our half-price program, certain requirements must be met:

  • Your brand’s campaign needs to have been active on Logie for at least 30 days.
  • A certain number of creators should have requested samples from your brand.
  • Reviews and ratings across your products must meet our minimum requirements.

Remember, these requirements may change as we continue to refine and improve our services.

We hope this clears things up for everyone – brands and creators included. Logie is here to build bridges between brands and creators in a way that allows everyone to get the most out of each collaboration. On the Logie platform, everyone wins.

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