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How to use Logie to find upcoming Amazon deals

Logie now has a lovely new filter to help you search products and identify upcoming Black Friday (holiday season) deals without spending hours on the official Amazon deals page. This makes it easy for you to identify the best deals on Amazon based on products you care about (have promoted and sold in the past).

Here’s how to find upcoming deals on Amazon in 6 easy steps.

Step 1: Login to Logie

Login to your Logie dashboard and to identify find upcoming deals for your audience without spending time on thousands of different products that your community doesn’t care about.  

Step 2: Go to Products

From the main menu on your Logie dashboard, go to Products

Select the ‘All Products’ option at the top. This should list all the products that you have ever sold on Amazon.

Step 3: Switch to List View

From the display icons on the rightmost side of the screen, select the ‘List View’ icon.

This should display your products in an easy-to-work-with table format.

On the bottom left part of the screen, change the products you can see at a go to ‘100’.

Step 4: Sort by ‘Has Future Product Deals Only’

Select the ‘Filer’ button the top right side of the screen.

From the options that appear, select ‘Has Future Product Deals Only’

This should only show products that have kind of promotion going on. You can see the kind of promotion (clipping coupon, price discount, etc) it is so you can make smarter decisions on what to promote without skimming through thousands of products on the Amazon Deals page.

Step 5: Identify Current Promos

Scroll through your product list to see which ones have an active promo.

These should be highlighted in red under the ‘Promotion’ (second last) column.

Step 6: Find upcoming promos

Upcoming promos should have the icon highlighted in yellow.

You can now choose products to add to your holiday shopping showcases based on data (and saving time while at it).

Note: In addition to ongoing Amazon deals, we also encourage you to promote products in the ‘Opportunities’ tab and earn crazy commissions. Also keep in mind that this game-changing feature (find upcoming deals) is new (launched 23 November 2022) so let us know if you encounter any bugs.

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