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Update: two Zoom trainings every Friday!

You may have noticed that – of late – we have been running two training events on Fridays. This has been confusing to some of us and we created this post to shed more light so you can plan ahead and do not miss out on any of these important trainings.

General influencer’s training session (Friday 12pm EST)

This is the usual influencer training event that we have been conducting over the last year. As is the norm, this training will continue to take place at 12 pm EST. The session is designed to help you learn how to succeed and grow as an influencer and Amazon vendor. We are committed to growing together as a community and this is the forum that we use to share tips and strategies on how to build a loyal following, create engaging content, and monetize your platform.

Logie specific training session (Friday 2 pm EST)

The second training (which we started two weeks ago) is the Logie Official Training, which takes place at 2 pm EST. This session is designed to showcase our innovative platform and tools that help you gain a competitive edge. During this training, Ehud and the super successful creator David Utechpia will demonstrate how to use Logie to streamline your workflow, create quality content, and make more money as an influencer.

Check out our events page for Zoom links and updates

We typically send out email reminders every Friday with the links to these trainings. However, you can always stay on top of each event and access the respective Zoom link on our events page.

Keep in mind that both of these trainings are free and open to all of us. Whether you’re just starting out as a content creator or you’re looking to take your platform to the next level, we’re confident that you’ll always find something valuable in our weekly trainings. So make sure you do not miss out.

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