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Logie joins the NVIDIA Inception Accelerator program

Logie.ai has joined an elite group of startups admitted into the NVIDIA Inception Accelerator. The renowned accelerator helps startups evolve faster by providing access to cutting-edge tech, expertise, co-marketing, and connections with venture capitalists. It also exclusively focuses on startup companies that are leading change across industries and across the world.


NVIDIA is a leading technology provider known for its innovative graphics processing units (GPUs) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Founded in 1993, the company has transformed the computer graphics industry with high-performance GPUs that enabled realistic and immersive visual experiences for gamers and professionals alike. In recent years, NVIDIA has expanded its focus to include AI, developing hardware and software solutions that have revolutionized fields such as self-driving cars, robotics, and healthcare. With a reputation for cutting-edge technology and a commitment to advancing the frontiers of computing, NVIDIA continues to lead the way in the tech industry.

The Inception Accelerator

The NVIDIA Inception was launched in 2016 and has so far helped mold countless startups. As members, Logie and other organizations have direct access to hardware and software discounts along with free technical training. The program is free for tech startups and mostly features companies that specialize in AI and other breakthrough technologies. According to NVIDIA, the main goal of this Inception is to help promising startups scale faster.

How This Works

Logie’s engineering team will now work with NVIDIA to get on top of the latest tools the company is building while also connecting with investors. With the NVIDIA Developer Program, we’ll also get access to technical support and access to SDKs and other tools to help us accelerate our progress. Through the program, NVIDIA will also adapt the benefits we receive to match our growth trajectory.

This is a great opportunity for Logie to be a part of the company that is leading the world of generative AI. Throughout our timeline, we have been committed to leading the way by ensuring that we’re innovating at the forefront of social commerce technology. The NVIDIA Inception is another vote of confidence. We’ll make the most out of this incentive to fast-track our technology and make it available to more content creators and brands,” said Mohamed Raza, Logie’s lead software engineer.

This development adds to the number of valuable partnerships that Logie has engaged in over the last few months. Our company continues to take part in beneficial programs and events that help our team grow and make it easier for our engineering team to keep innovating in the social commerce scene.   

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